Mourning hall

Name: Mourning hall
Location: Ostrava - Svinov
Author: Marek Jan Štěpán
Cooperation: Hana Arletová, Martin Kopecký, Jan Vodička, Jan Martínek
Client: Ostrava,  Poruba
Proposal: 2017
Photo: archive of atelier


Mourning hall is situated in the west part of the existing cemetery. It’s in the centre of gravity, but the geometrical centre is left free. The vertical entrance is aiming forward east and close the valley of full-grown trees. It floats above the meadow as a ship of our life.

Mourning hall is a crystalline volume with (symbolic) of birth, life and death. The entrance (birth) is a tall slot opening into a ceremonial hall (life) ending by long pentagonal pyramid (soul leaving body). The greatness of the place is highlighted by incident light coming from the crystalline skylight.

Numeric symbolism:

3 - birth (symbol of family)

4 - death ( symbol of earthliness)

5 - transformation (fusion with the universe)

The construction is made of divided surfaces from light concrete with frameless glazing . The furniture is made of bleached wood, some of the areas are plated with gold.