Memorial Chapel

Name: Memorial Chapel
Location: Střelice
Author: Marek Jan Štěpán
Cooperation: Jan Vodička
Client: private person
Proposal: 2017

Photo: archive of atelier, Ota Nepilý

The hapel is built to host a place of eternal rest of a wife. It’s a place of recollection and spiritual
meeting with the deceased. It has a simple crystalline shape, it’s an object from another world – it’s intended to echo afterlife. The Chapel is a borderline between physical and spiritual world placed on a hump in forest. Somewhere...
The object has nine faces – eight triangular walls and a trapezoidal base – two faces serve as
openings. There is a triangular door on the western side and a window on the eastern. Interior offers a vista of eternal life behind the orientated window. The East is the place where resurrected Christ will come from. It’s direction that evokes hope and symbolizes afterlife of the deceased wife. Triangle and number three are symbols of transformation – when earthly life ends, something else starts.