Church of St. Wenceslas

Name: Church of St. Wenceslas
Location: Sazovice
Author: Marek Jan Štěpán
Cooperation: František Brychta, Jan Vodička, Vanda Štěpánová, Jan Martínek, Tomáš Jurák, Hana Myšková
Figural drawings: Vladimír Kokolia
Client: Spolek pro výstavbu kostela v Sazovicích
Contractor: Stavad s.r.o.
Proposal: 2012 - 2015
Realization: 2015 - 2017
Photo: Boys plays nice, archive of atelier


The idea to build the church in Sazovice occur before the Second World War. Three years ago, the idea returned and poeple from Sazovice founded the Association for the construction of the church.

I wanted to dematerialize the building. It looks like something light, abstract, bright and natural. It evokes more paper than brick. It's like a ring of paper with cutting you push or pull to get more light inside. 
Visitors don't perceive the thickness of the walls, because they taper from half meter to centimeter. The light coming through the cuts illuminate the space. It glides along the walls and shape the form. Penetration of light into the building are twofold - wall bends outwards or inwards - that can be understood as reflecting the male and female principle.
Light becomes a factor which creates a lack of interface between what is verifiable by the senses, and what is beyond material world. The scale is based on Prague's chapel, the perimeter of the church is circumscribed the square of Prague's chapel. Its cylindrical mass refers to the time of St. Wenceslas, when rotundas were built.

The interior is simple and clean to bring a sense of quietness and peace. Older churches are full of visual information - the entire story is written in paintings, sculptures, in the decoration. For exemple interior in Baroque church was completely descriptive to give people an idea about Jesus life. People today are overload with information, the church should perceive only the purity of space and peace and realize your inner self. There is a space without personal identification visual smog - a simple, focused, and pure recollection.