Pontifical mision

Location: Brno - Tuřany
Author: Marek Jan Štěpán
Cooperation:  František Brychta
Client: Biskupství brněnské
Capacity:  150 000 lidí
Proposal: 2009
Realization: 2009
Photography: Ota Nepilý, archive of atelier
Exhibition: Naděje v Brně


“Spe salvi facti sumus“ – in hope we were saved    (začátek encykliky Spe salvi Benedikta XVI.)

 We were creating inhabited place at a large field. We approach to our task as it was a room. We designed alleged carpet out of pedestrian paths through the area. The main road is coming from Column shrine to an anchor. The column shrine symbolize a small act, that was made many years ago, when the builder didn't predict the importance of this place in the future. And the anchor is a sign of hope, which is slowly disappearing from our everyday life.