Piarist Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross

Authors: Marek Jan Štěpán,
Vanda Štěpánová
Cooperation: Tomáš Jurák
Jakub Staník, Hana Myšková, Barbora Barathová
Client: Město Litomyšl
Proposal: 2007 - 2011
Realization: 2011 – 2015
Photo: Oto Nepilý, Jakub Karlíček, archive of atelier


The question about the new use was the most difficult. We didn't want to make it a museum. But how can we give a new spirit to such devastated place?  We left the primary functions, place to calm down, pray or place for church ceremony. We added new activities such as exhibition of  religious art with conneting bridge, crypt with artistic intrventions and a possibility to organize concerts.