Freedomek No. 013 (M)

Author: Marek Jan Štěpán
Cooperation: Lukáš Svoboda, Michal Schwáb, František Brychta,
Usable area: 37,5 m2 + 20 m2 terasa
Built up area: 47,6 m2
Dimensions: 4,1 x 11,6 x 3,25 m
Enclosed volume: 155 m3
Weight: 18 t
Proposal: 2011-2012
Realization: 2012
Contractor: Freedomky s.r.o.
Photography: Jiří Pařízek, archive of atelier

 While designing a new generation of Freefomek, I was thinking about going back in grandma's traditional house. Kitchen with divan, table with letters. I felt a human's freedom and respect to our time.

In the kitchen, I designed a freesitting, the main resting place, remaining the grandma's divan. And next to it a working place, you can close like the love letter in the old table.