Exhibition reliquary of St. Maur

Name: Exhibition reliquary of St. Maur
Location: Hrad Bečov
Authors: Marek Jan Štěpán, Jan Martinek
Design: 2015
Photo: archive of atelier



The design of your own exposition works with the gradation of the atmosphere and the rhythm during the visit. We assume a larger scale of individual pieces of furniture so that the number of pieces can be minimized. The exhibition is conceptually designed individually from its own building monument. The materials of the house are assumed to be preserved with surfaces finished with a perceptible manuscript of the painter. Exhibition furniture is made of glass and neutral silver-grey-stained wood.

The centre of the exhibition is in a room with its own reliquary. The room is shrouded in the cloak of secrets - literally. Walls with windows and doors are covered with a stainless hinge that forms an abstract background and focuses attention on the exhibits. But it also leaves spatial connections with the surrounding house.

The exhibit is set in a glass vitrine are constructed from the ceiling to the floor - as if it just appeared here. This part of the exhibition focuses mainly on the religious and cult line of the reliquary.